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Wha does " "La Peruanita" means?

Peru is a country located in Western South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador. The main language of Peru is Spanish. Quechua is our second most spoken language followed by Aymara.

La Peruanita is a female inhabitant of Peruvian descent. I decided to name my business this way because " I Am" la peruanita offering Spanish tutoring globally. In this page and during our Spanish learning together you will learn a little bit of Peruvian culture too.

Why learn Spanish with me?

La peruanita has the perfect Spanish lessons for children and adults. My lessons are fun to engage young children's attention and immersive so they can learn quickly. 

If you are an adult with an unusual schedule looking to learn Spanish from the beginning or have some Spanish input and would like to improve your language skills, I'm here for you. 

​You will find a lot of Spanish lessons online but why with me? I teach Spanish in a fun way. I want my students to have fun while learning a second language. A lot of stretching and interaction will happen during my classes. Are you ready to become bilingual and have fun? Let's get started!  Book your Spanish course now! 

Sandra Zeller’s Powerful Narrative ‘Qori Inti’s Amazing Journey’ Sheds Light on Cultural Preservation

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Kenneth Thompson- CEO -MACSA, Musical Arts Center of San Antonio

Mrs. Sandra is an amazing and energetic teacher of Spanish!  Bryce has really enjoyed his classes and has learned so much so far.  Mrs. Sandra is creative and highly organized in her approach.  She is able to effectively engage my son which helps him learn faster and better.  I highly recommend these classes to students of all levels.  I had tried 2-3 other programs and teachers before yet was very unsatisfied.  Mrs. Sandra is a Godsend! 5 Stars!

Michelle Tasman 

Student at Tabb High School-VA

Mrs. Sandra es muy incredible profesora. He aprendido mucho en nuestras sesiones. Me gusta su forma de enseñar. Es muy divertido.

James K Lowrey

Texas A&M Men's Rugby 

Head Coach

Everything from her demeanor, professionalism, lesson planning and interaction has been engaging and welcoming. 

My progress has been significant week to week purely on the back of her integrity and teaching ability. 

I look forward to continuing my learning and would highly recommend and lovingly endorse Sandra's course to anyone who aspires to further their language learning.

Johanna Alvarez

Teacher- California

Sandra is a great teacher. She is very organized and ready to start. She is knowledgeable and passionate. Sandra makes learning fun and easy. She has helped my daughter with her Spanish and now my daughter is talking more in Spanish. Thank you, Sandra!

Briana Martinez


​Sandra does such a great job at teaching & explaining all of the material she presents you. She assesses and customizes her teaching to your individual needs. She is so easy to work with, helpful and encouraging! Everything you need to succeed in learning a new language.

Chauntae Gold 

Behavior Nutrition Coaching 


Sandra is an excellent Spanish instructor. I've had Spanish lessons in the past but never quite picked up the language because the classes were not structured well or individualized to my needs. Sandra took the time to assess my weak points and structured the class to target those needs. I grew up speaking Spanish and can understand a lot but when it came to speaking it fluently, I was missing a lot of the basic concepts like matching el/ la with the correct masculine and feminine noun that I did not realize was the problem until she pointed it out. Sandra also does a great job with putting me out of my comfort zone and correcting me on the spot when we are speaking to each other so I can learn in that moment. I am looking forward to visiting my family in Peru so I can finally speak to them confidently! Thank you Sandra!

Dena Proctor

Yorktown, VA

I am very impressed with my new Spanish teacher Sandra Zeller! She has a systematic approach and is very patient and kind as well. With her help, I’m learning Spanish and am hopeful of becoming proficient with the language in the future. Thank you Sandra Zeller!


Julia Moffitt
Williamsburg -VA

Sandra is a dynamic online teacher whose positive reinforcement and happy energy makes online language learning possible and successful.

Meghan Barrera - Babyquip San Antonio-Austin

My son is a first year Spanish immersion student who has spent the majority of the year at home because of Covid. He craved the one on one instruction that I was struggling to provide due being an English only speaker. Sandra reached out to help and I couldn’t have been more pleased! She held his attention with lots of dialogue, visuals, song and dance, and with her overall enthusiasm.

 Marissa Neal


I love taking my lessons with Sandra! She also teaches my daughter and does such an amazing job! My daughter is picking up so quick and loves attending her class!

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